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Integrative Therapy | Grief Counselling | Therapeutic Arts 

How Does It Work?

Taking that first step and getting in touch can be daunting, you may have lots of questions on your mind.


This is why I offer a free 20-minute, no-obligation telephone conversation. During this time, we can think about whether it would be helpful to arrange an initial online appointment. 

This initial assessment appointment can be up to 1hr and costs £70. 


This involves; 

  • An in-depth discussion about the situation 

  • The reasons for considering therapy for yourself or your child

  • The most appropriate intervention 

  •  Whether I would be the right person to help with this


If you are comfortable moving forwards we can book in the first counselling session. 

You are not obligated to book a specific number of sessions, however in general I recommend seven sessions as this gives us enough time together to determine progress. 

At the 7th therapy session we complete a review where we discuss if continuing therapy would be helpful.


I work both online and face to face.  

The issues parents reach out to me for help include;



Low self-esteem

Relationship difficulties

School issues

Family conflict 

Behavioural problems

Food Disorders


Self harm 


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