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Why Me

I have worked with young people for more than 20 years; as an arts teacher and then I moved into counselling. 


The therapeutic arts have been part of my life for even longer.  After 3 decades of experience, I have seen how powerful they are to move people through grief, loss, anxiety and overwhelm.


This is especially helpful when working with children who cannot put their feelings into words. Art and play gives them access to imaginative ways to express their feelings and communicate their needs. 




Painting & Drawing

In my own personal life I have worked through deep loss and grief. I have a high level of knowledge, qualifications and experience but I am still human who knows what it is like to feel lost.  


It was therapy that turned my own life around and now, 28 years after I started my own self development journey, I am the living example of how powerful and life changing it is to ask for help.  


This allows me to demonstrate deeper compassion for those who seek my help and I endeavour to treat every individual with the kindness I know I needed during my most challenging of times. 

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